Chiropractic Information

Each person is unique, and therefore responds differently to care. That is why it is important for Dr. Jones to develop a treatment plan tailored to each person.  Healing times vary from person to person based on many different factors.  The type of job a person has, individual stress levels, excess weight and other health factors all must be considered when one starts chiropractic care.  It is Dr. Jones goal to build a solid foundation for overall health and wellbeing.  This is generally done through the three phases of chiropractic care.

Initial Phase - Pain Reduction

Our first goal is to reduce your pain and improve your function to a tolerable level.  The initial phase requires frequent treatments, usually two to three per week, for two or three weeks.  Significant pain reduction is typically seen within the first two weeks.  It is important for patients not to become too overzealous because they may reinjure themselves during this initial treatment phase.

Rehabilitative Phase - Improvement of Function

Once the pain is reduced, it is important to facilitate the neuromuscular skeletal system by restoring optimal strength and flexibility.  During this phase, most activities of daily living should be able to be performed without much aggravation at all.  In office care will decrease at this time, but at home exercises will begin.  The goal is for us to work as a team to strengthen and balance the body.  Treatment plans for this phase are typically 4-8 visits per month for 6-24 months.

Wellness Phase - Maintaining Your Health

Once your goal of maximum improvement and function has been met, it is important to maintain your health.  The wellness phase is very important.  This is the time when periodic exams allow for early detection of joint and muscle dysfunction.  Dr. Jones feels this is a crucial part of care, in order to keep people healthy and moving forward.  Treatment during this phase is usually accomplished with a quick visit to the office once or twice a month.