Our bodies were designed by the good Lord above with a high capacity to heal itself and restore normal function.  Let’s think about it for a second, broken bones heal, we can function with one kidney and our liver is capable of regeneration.  That’s AMAZING!  All too frequently though, that innate ability to heal is hindered by the poor decisions, albeit some unknowingly, we make on a daily basis.  Whether it’s DYSFUNCTION of our structural anatomy causing symptoms like low back pain, neck pain or neuropathy OR DYSFUNCTION of our organs causing chronic conditions like type II diabetes, thyroid disease and weight gain, the ROOT CAUSE must be determined and addressed accordingly.

Dr. Jones strongly believes that this is done best in a drug-less way that’s SPECIFIC to the individual patient.  Just like no two people are the same, nor is one person’s cause of disease or dysfunction the same as another person’s.  IN OTHER WORDS, I’ve seen a lot of people come in with the “same diagnosis,” but after deeper investigation learned they actually have very different issues that need to be addressed.  Once the true problem is addressed, patients begin to experience diminishing symptoms and are on their way to GAINING THEIR LIFE BACK.  This is all possible by focusing on the PROBLEM and not just the SYMPTOM.


- To have a maximum positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing!
- Help those with chronic conditions who haven’t responded well to previous treatments.


To promote a movement in the Lexington community in which people take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.  Educating people to make the BEST LIFESTYLE decisions for themselves and their families.  Inspiring people to take action and start making WISE DECISIONS that will help them live their lives to the fullest.  EMPOWERING those who feel like they’ve “tried everything” with little or no success so far.

One great place to start is right here at home.  KENTUCKY is a PROUD state, no doubt!  So let’s start supporting our local farmers by shopping for groceries at our farmers markets.  By simply starting with the foods you eat and making POSITIVE lifestyle changes, you will soon realize that your POSITIVE THOUGHTS and ACTIONS are paying off!